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Massage is the physical act of applying pressure on the body tissues by hands, fingers, elbows, feet, forearms and sometimes blunt devices. Traditionally Oils, Lotions and Creams are used for Massage, but in many types of techniques like Thai massage the massage is provided using hands and Legs only. The purpose is purely therapeutic and is used for relieving the body of stress and pain so as to enable it to relax. The pressure is applied by rubbing, kneading or tapping. Massage is provided by people who are professionally trained to offer the same and are called as massage Therapists. They can be both men and women. In professional settings like Massage parlours, the massage is offered on a Table, Chair or a Floor Mat specially designed for this craft. In general settings like Massage services offered by the professionals at a client’s place, it is done on a Bed or Floor using suitable cushioning to protect the Body from accidental injuries.

Thai Massage in Bangalore
Thai Massage in Bangalore


The word “massage” owes its roots to various ancient languages like French, Arabic, Portuguese, Latin and Greek, where it generally means “to knead or press using hands”. Massage has been in use from time immemorial and finds itself mentioned in religious and non religious texts, Arts and other forms of expression in almost all of the Ancient civilizations like India, Egypt, China, Greece, Thailand, Rome and so on. In the present times, China has perhaps the largest numbers of Massage providers in the world, where it is a very popular and lucrative profession. The massage professional s there are one of the highest paid in the world. Also In USA it’s a Billion dollar industry. It is also acknowledged by the IOC as a sports medicine along with various other Sports and non sports organizations. Due to its Ancient origins and flexibility in usage, there have been a large number of variations and types in Massage, namely” Acupressure, Ashiatsu, Ayurvedic, Burmese, Reflexology (especially Foot Reflexology), Swedish, Traditional Chinese, Thai and so on


This is the traditional massage technique which originated in Thailand and it combines the principles of Acupressure, Ayurveda and Yoga. In this technique the therapist doesn’t use any Oils, Lotions and Creams and provides the massage by physical action like pressing, pulling, stretching, cracking knuckles etc in static and rhythmic movements using both Hands and feet wherever necessary. Meanwhile the client is made to hold Yogic positions and lay on the Mat or Mattress on floor fully clothed during the entire 2-3 hours of the service.

Thai Massage in Bangalore
Thai Massage in Bangalore

SERVICES AT Neha Thakur:

We at Neha Thakur offer Thai Massage by professionally trained therapists, who are at your services to provide the best experience of this technique. We assure you that once you choose us, you will surely leave your worry, pain, stress and tensions behind when you enter our spa to be pampered by our team of expert therapists, so that when you leave our place energised, happy, relaxed and refreshed, you will overwhelmingly recommend our services to your friends, relatives, colleagues and others. We are available on Mobile, E-Mail, Landline and Whatsapp to fix your appointment, hence please get in touch with us right now.

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